Peter Aubrey Seymour Pool

16 March 1933 – 18 May 1996

About Peter Pool

Solicitor; Cornish Historian and Scholar; author of several books on the history of Cornwall and its language; MA (Oxon); Bard of the Cornish Gorsedd 1955; Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries 1967; President of the Royal Institution of Cornwall 1974-6.

In Memory of Peter

I am Andrew Pool, Peter’s step-brother.   By arrangement with Audrey Pool’s Executor I have become Peter’s Literary Executor and have set up this website to his memory and as a source of his work.

Most of Peter's work is no longer in print, so I am creating PDF versions of all his work.   Once each book is completed I will upload it here.   My collection is unfortunately incomplete; if you have any of the books I'm missing (check here) please get in touch.

Photograph courtesy of Cinzia Collings

Andrew Pool - Peter's Step Brother